Our Company

Over the last decade technology has advanced at an extraordinary rate. This exponential growth in capacity and advancement of technology shows no sign of slowing down.

As a technology based company, we are in a continuous state of change and development to ensure our clients are always at the leading edge of workforce management.
Continuous improvement is only possible through a workforce that is motivated and passionate. Our success has been driven by a disciplined approach to our values which have been the cornerstones of Damstra for nearly 10 years:

  • Always Safe    
  • Trusted Partner    
  • Team Players    
  • Focussed Agility    
  • Can-do Attitudes

We apply these values to everything we do - be it in your team, our team or a small start-up company. We strongly believe every human’s skills and ideas are the major contributor to corporate success and thus should be nurtured and managed well.

We are committed to providing intelligent Human Capital Management and Workforce solutions to a diverse array of industries. Just as each person is different, each business has different needs; whether they be regulatory, strategic or they simply have their own goals to achieve. We understand that. Our key differentiator is our ability to design and configure optimum solutions, completely tailored to each clients’ specific requirements.

Our dedication to quality and security creates a safe environment in which we can see our clients and their people thrive.

Damstra delivers the tools for a safe and efficient work culture, allowing our clients to care for their most important asset - their people.