A Leader in Workforce Management Software Systems

We are a longstanding leader in workforce management, compliance, and safety management. Through our unique web-based Total Workforce Management System (TWMS), we deliver powerful solutions that radically transform the ease with which you manage, track and protect your entire workforce.

We have extensive experience in designing and deploying workforce systems across a vast array of industries, using advanced, collective technologies which are completely configured to each client’s requirements.

Working closely with our clients from day one, our in-house technical engineers formulate and construct the optimum solution for your workforce management needs – from the more straightforward needs of smaller businesses to the hugely complex needs of large industries and business operations.

Damstra supports every client’s vision and objectives by offering tailored solutions which add significant value to the operations and management of their company.


Human Capital Management

Time and attendance tracking systems allowing biometric verification, automated alcohol testing and award interpretation.

Contractor Pre-Qualification

Ensuring your contractors are compliant, skilled and site-ready. Safeguarding your visions and workforce.

Online Training & Inductions

Consolidating and deploying training and inductions with ease. Accessible online for completion at any time, anywhere.

Skills, Competency & Talent Management

Developing and maintaining an accomplished workforce. Leveraging skills and monitoring compliance.

Equipment & Asset Management Systems

Reducing inefficiencies and increasing productivity. Managing and tracking assets for an entire lifecycle.

Site and Access Control Systems

Protecting your workplace, people, assets and reputation.

Visitor Management Systems

Creating a welcoming environment for your visitors and reducing exposure to risk, by efficiently capturing personal and professional details.

Workforce Apps & Other Tools

Delivering sophisticated solutions that enhance your workforce visibility and control in the field.