Total Workforce Management Software System (TWMS)

Damstra Technology has been a leader in workforce management software as a service (SaaS) for almost 20 years. Our Total Workforce Management System (TWMS) provides companies with time-saving and effective solutions to manage, keep track of and protect your employees. For over ten years, Damstra Technology has provided clients from several different industries with a real-time workforce management system that is highly functional and customized to fit their needs.

The Total Workforce Management System is a web-based system that offers powerful solutions to save your company time and resources. The company dashboard can be configured and customized to fit your organization’s needs.  From there you can set-up automatic reports and analytics, monitor your employees' skill sets and competencies and even create and send out questionnaires.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Software

Our human capital management solutions allow you to track human capital, employee schedule and attendance. Login and logout terminals integrate with biometric finger scanning technology and camera installation for auditing and verification. Employee access cards are also outfitted with NFC Tap-and-Go technology.

Easily manage leave and accruals, schedule training and keep track of employee fatigue and safety. Breath testing can be set-up with your own set rules and full automation.

Reports and analytics provide you with need-to-know information. You can easily choose to store or export these files for future reference.

Workforce Communication Made Easy

Our workforce management software is designed to make communicating with your workforce easy and efficient. With the Total Workforce Management System, you can choose to message an individual, group or even a whole category of employees. Our mobile app and real-time alerts saves you time and simplifies the communication process.

Custom Software Configured for Your Company

Damstra Technology is proud to provide you with leading workforce management software to help you reach your business goals.

Contact Damstra Technology today for workforce solutions tailored to meet your company's needs.


Human Capital Management

Time and attendance tracking systems allowing biometric verification, automated alcohol testing and award interpretation.

Contractor Pre-Qualification

Ensuring your contractors are compliant, skilled and site-ready. Safeguarding your visions and workforce.

Online Induction Training

Consolidating and deploying training and inductions with ease. Accessible online for completion at any time, anywhere.

Competency & Skill Management

Developing and maintaining an accomplished workforce. Leveraging skills and monitoring compliance.

Equipment & Asset Management Systems

Reducing inefficiencies and increasing productivity. Managing and tracking assets for an entire lifecycle.

Site Access Control Systems

Protecting your workplace, people, assets and reputation.

Visitor Management Systems

Creating a welcoming environment for your visitors and reducing exposure to risk, by efficiently capturing personal and professional details.

Workforce Apps & Other Tools

Delivering sophisticated solutions that enhance your workforce visibility and control in the field.