Visitor Management

Not only do workforce personnel require intensive training for their own benefits and company’s well-being, visitor management plays a pivotal role in the overall effectiveness that your company portrays. Through visitor management you have the ability to showcase your company and focus on its positive aspects and overall capabilities as a collective unit. Out-dated visitor management solutions can cause heated arguments and headaches, hence why our innovative and hard-working engineers and specialists here at Damstra Technology have moved to more technologically sophisticated methods of visitor management. We utilise SaaS and hardware devices to ensure that our highly regarded and efficient visitor management services remain unparalleled.


  • State of the art technological training procedures for accurate Visitor Management procedures.
  • Leading staff and accredited team members that will guide you.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis for each worker.
  • Integrity guarantee and leading procedures for workforce management.
  • Dynamic, real-time and software solutions to suit your needs.
  • Accessibility though all devices and useable technology.
  • Easy to learn and friendly user-interface for all our online Visitor Management services.
  • Focus on maintaining company culture, integrity and connectiveness.

Transparency is what defines us here at Damstra and we are delighted to be the leading industry with state of the art visitor management services. By operating from a centralized location, we administer our clients an abundance of high-speed and reliable servers and our level of expertise is unrivalled. If you are seeking fundamental and accurate visitor management training services, seek no further than Damstra, the industry pioneers in workplace efficiency.


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