Site and Access Control

The ease and freedom of obtaining information in today’s technologically rich era is at an all-time high and here at Damstra we administer exceptional site control and access control services to ensure your identity, points of access and systems are safeguarded and utilised for smart data storage. We invest in technology here at Damstra and envision a future of safe and compliant workforce strategies to ensure that your team is safe always and understands the risks of many situations. By utilising an array of boom sliding gates, emergency stops and automated testing procedures we ensure that your workforce comprehends how to be safe. Our site control and access control procedures are second to none and we constantly portray the highest level of professionalism with all services.


With Damstra, our vision is to ensure that your workforce is safe and comprehend all necessary steps to well-being and efficient Site Control management. By utilising systems and technologies that acquire profiles, provide maintenance and repairs logs as well as implementing usage and lifecycle metrics we are the utmost professional Site Control and access control company. By ensuring the overall safety of your workforce and for them to comprehend the dangers is a key fundamental to have as a new employee or contractor. Accessibility is key in our services and we ensure that our platform can be reached from all devices, any-time and anywhere.

If you are seeking a dedicated site control or access control service that will guide your workforce to success and competency, seek no further and contact the industry leaders here at Damstra.

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