Visitor Management Systems

While not the place to become lax in procedure, nor to interrogate and overwhelm, the area of visitor management is an ideal opportunity to showcase your company, its capabilities and efficiencies. Many businesses still recognize their visitor management system in a manual paper fashion, and it may seem a quick-fix solution, however the security and privacy issues this can create are numerous.

A visitor’s information is invaluable to your business. By efficiently capturing personal and professional details you instantly reduce the possibility of security breaches, enhance the safety of all people onsite, meet compliance and regulatory requirements and establish a profile for return visits.

Often visitors, be they contractors, couriers, temporary staff or tradesmen, require specific inductions and possible training before they can carry out their duties. As every company’s needs, its clientele, workforce and regulations differ, we understand the importance of flexibility and simplicity and deliver solutions that are agile, yet highly secure and data-rich.

Damstra’s market-leading Visitor Management solution is a combination of both SaaS and hardware devices. Highly regarded and renowned for complete client configuration, real-time comprehensive reporting and intelligent functions, we surpass the concept of simply “logging a visit” at your premises.

Our Visitor Management Systems Include:

  • Visitor terminals
    • Desk mounted
    • Free-standing
    • Wall mounted
    • Mobile tablets
  • Site inductions and access training
  • Sticker printing and identification passes
  • Visitor arrival announcements to host
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Emergency evacuation assist - all data is held offsite and available on any device during an emergency