Competency & Skill Management

Leading companies know the powerful impact a competent workforce has on business as a whole - and that placing emphasis on a competency and skill-based structure, and investing the time required, can almost guarantee the cultivation of a competent and skilled workforce.

Damstra’s Skills & Competency Management solution provides your company with a powerful platform, configured to your specific requirements, that delivers the ability to focus on company objectives, obtain powerful insights and analytics and clearly understand current operational and talent metrics.

The SaaS, web-based solution is easy to use, scalable and high in functionality, equipping you with many tools including data-rich reporting and analytics, occupation and skills searches and skills matrix - all ready for you to access at any time, from anywhere.

COMPETENCY and Skill Management Software Features

  • Skills matrix and gap analysis tools
  • Job title matrix - easy to shop for compliant contractors
  • QR codes access cards – quick reference to a worker’s skills and qualifications on the spot
  • Workforce audit and report tool for on the spot skill auditing
  • Alerting and notifications of expiring competencies and skills
  • Access, schedule or automate comprehensive reporting and live data feeds straight to your inbox
  • Training needs analysis