Human Capital Management

Today’s digital-age workforce presents many opportunities for companies to engage more efficient practices, reflecting that of the fast-growing contingent and mobile workforce trend.

Successfully managing a workforce is both an art and a science. It requires a solid understanding of each employee, their skills and capabilities, the company’s operations and objectives, plus costs and resources – just to name a few key elements. It’s a process that can take up a significant amount of manpower and many hours of monitoring, revising and revisiting.Damstra’s Human Capital Management solutions include the following:

Performance Tracking

  • Configurable company dashboards
  • Automate and schedule report and analytics
  • Create and issue questionnaires
  • Monitor and track skills and competencies

Time and Performance

  • Login and logout terminals
  • Biometric finger scanning
  • Installed camera for auditing and verification
  • Individual access cards with NFC Tap-and-go technology
  • Export or store paperless reports and analytics
  • QR codes and scanners
  • Automated breath testing with your set rules

Workforce Scheduling

  • Cost and payroll software integration
  • Leave and accrual management
  • Training and development scheduling
  • Fatigue and safety management

Workforce Communication

  • Individual, group or category messaging
  • Real-time alerting and notifications
  • Dedicated workforce portals
  •  Downloadable App