Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management Software as a Service (Saas)

For enterprises of any age, the most important asset of the company has always been its employees. This is especially true in today's digital age when an organization's specialized employees generate the majority of a company's revenue, but every enterprise has to manage human resources effectively regardless of the products or services they provide.

Human Capital Management SolutionsAt Damstra Technology, we've developed the advanced human capital management software. Our HCM technology is designed to optimize business operations in industries across the board including:

  • Mining
  • Rail and Transportation
  • Construction
  • Government 
  • Manufacturing
  • Labor and Hiring
  • Energy

HCM Technology for Managing Your Workforce

To fulfill your organization’s strategy objectives and goals, your human resources departments can efficiently and accurate manage your workforce with leading HCM technology. As businesses moved into the digital age over the past few decades, our human captial management software quickly helped provide businesses with versatile and cost-efficient services and HCM cloud solutions.

Human Resources and IT Challenges

Human resource departments face a plethora of challenging tasks, above and beyond evaluating individual skills and performance and matching personnel to positions in a way that can best optimize productivity. Day-to-day business operations such as time-clocking, worker performance, scheduling, payroll, training, productivity tracking, and analytics, can all require separate software solutions.

These individual processes can use a significant amount of administrative time as well as IT manpower in the ongoing effort to monitor, revise, and analyze results in order to stay aligned with continuously changing business demands and a fluctuating workforce. Damstra Technology's human capital management software can integrate these separate functions into a single dynamic platform to streamline workforce management tasks and optimize business efficiency in the highly competitive digital age. Take a closer look at how Damstra Technology's advanced cutting-edge human capital management software can optimize your company's human resources.

Damstra Technology's HCM: Engaging Efficiency

Workforce Time and Performance Management

Time and performance monitoring and management of personnel are fundamental to efficiency in every business operation. Damstra Technology's human capital management software system can integrate the most state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the qualified members of your workforce are where they need to be when they need to be. Dashboards can be configured to suit your company. Our time and performance features include:

  • Biometric finger scanning for precise identification which makes "buddy punching" at the time clock a thing of the past. 
  • Installed Camera for auditing performance and visual verification. 
  • Login/Logout Terminals ensure that only qualified personnel have access to critical workstations. "Swipe and Go" functions are worker-friendly and "smart" integrated login terminals make it easy for managers to collect the labor data they need.
  • NFC Tap-and-Go Access Cards manages access control to restrict access to vital, hazardous, or proprietary areas by unauthorized visitors or untrained workers.
  • Automated Breath Testing set to your parameters prevents incidents and accidents by monitoring BAC (blood alcohol content).
  • Integrate QR (barcode) and scanners for logistics and tracking.
  • Generate questionnaires to collect information and suggestions for improved productivity from the workforce.
  • Export automated paperless reports and analytics for performance tracking and analysis.

HCM Cloud Solutions for Workforce Communication

Our human capital management software includes a downloadable app and dedicated workforce portals for 24/7 mobile communication in the workforce via the web for versatile, easy accessibility. Real-time alerts and notifications are available for individual, group, and category messaging. 

HCM Integration for Safety and Scheduling

For demanding, hazardous, or repetitive tasks Damstra Technology's human capital management software system features fatigue and safety management that can prevent accidents before they occur. These features monitor the time spent at these tasks, so workers can be rotated accordingly for maximum safety.

Tracking workers' performance as they gain experience can ensure that the best qualified and most talented people in your workforce are scheduled for training and development for advanced positions where they can contribute the most effectively to the success of the company. Leave and accrual management are also integrated with scheduling to ensure that you can achieve balance in the workforce without leaving yourself shorthanded.

Cost and Payroll Integration

Our high-speed network-centric terminals make it easy to capture cost and labor data effectively for integration with payroll software. Damstra Technology's login terminals can handle large-scale volumes of data categorized by punch time, shift, job codes, or purchase order numbers. 

For employees, all of their data is conveniently available as well including reviewing punches, accrued leave, sick time, schedules, and important messages. Our human capital management software makes user data conveniently accessible by employees with our secure HCM cloud solutions.

Superior TWMS Technologies at Damstra Technology

Optimized Human Capital Management practices are vital for any company which wants to compete, grow, and remains profitable in the highly competitive digital age. For Total Workforce Management Systems, including human capital management software and HCM technology hardware, system endurance and reliability cannot be compromised. Today's mobile workforce requires versatility as well, in an integrated system which can handle all compatible hardware devices.

At Damstra Technology, we work in partnership with the world's industry leaders to provide that unsurpassed reliability and endurance. Our servers are powered by Microsoft SQL Server and provide 24/7 access to the HCM cloud solutions for iPads, touchscreens, handheld PDAs, and mobile smartphones.

Reliability and Redundancy

We've enhanced reliability for operations from our central location with a redundant array of servers connected via multiple high-speed internet links. This gives our onsite devices the ability to operate our human capital management software for days without network connectivity enduring the harshest environments without failing. 

Our onsite hardware and data collection are powered by KRONOS, the world leader HCM technology for time and attendance. We conduct full-scale off-site backups daily for unsurpassed security for your vital business data. We use encrypted VPN links secured with hardware from Cisco Systems, and we can provide remote connections with 3G wireless networks or satellite systems.

About Damstra Technology

At Damstra Technologies, we don't believe in "one size fits all" solutions. We've been helping companies develop safe and compliant workforces with web-based workforce management solutions for nearly 20 years now. In that time, we've learned that each client requires the complete configured solutions to meet their company's specific goals from beginning to end. The result is an individually tailored Total Workforce Management System which is agile, reliable, and high-functioning in a wide array of industries. 

Contact us today about our human capital management software. Damstra Technology can transform and improve the way you manage and protect your workforce.