Workforce Apps & Other Tools

A sophisticated self-managed system designed to run itself unmanned 24/7, 365 days a year, Damstra’s TWMS is ever-ready to deliver crucial information when and where it is required and can deliver it securely and conveniently to users via mobile solutions including iPhone and Android phones, iPads, laptops and tablets.
The Damstra website provides a secure online portal, password protected and link verified, where users including administrators and suppliers can login to permitted areas where they can view, download and upload private information, with easy on-the-go access to information through:

Mobile Workforce Management SOFTWARE:

The Damstra App

Our free workforce management app allows employees to access:

  • Skills and competencies
  • Inductions
  • Timecards
  • Online training, 24/7 and responsive, via phone
  • Receive live alerts and upcoming expiries
  • Update licenses and skills via photo upload

It also offers valuable site-based features:

  • Evacuation list - check off feature
  • Skill audit tool fully reportable
  • Log a helpdesk case
  • Onsite now
  • QR scanner
  • Hardware status overview
  • Search people and search skills

Automatic Alerting

To assist in managing workforce health and safety, automatic SMS messages and/or emails can be sent when, for example, maximum shift length or BAC levels are exceeded.

Fully Customized Reports

Within the Damstra system there are a flexible variety of reporting functions available, including time, skills, locations, expiries, insurances, overviews and more which can be delivered in a number of formats including SMS, on-screen and printed, via email or fax, to deliver a dynamic, accurate view of workforce activity.