Online Inductions

In today’s technologically adept era, where gadgets and technological infrastructure play a pivotal role in each company’s fluidity and functionality, you need to ensure that your workforce is suited to meet the requirements of technology and that they comprehend all aspects associated with it. Here at Damstra, our online inductions services are geared to provide all workforce members with in-depth knowledge and insight on all company policies, procedures and visions before they commence work. We administer face to face and online inductions depending on the suitability of the individual and equip them with a plethora of vital information to get them on the right track. Exceptional online inductions, only with the best – Damstra!

Accessibility is a virtue and in our services, we ensure that our platform can be reached from all devices, any-time and anywhere. This stabilises our reputation and shows the world why we are the leading online induction company. Our extensive experience in designing and deploying workforce systems across a vast array of industries, using advanced, collective technologies which are completely configured to each client’s requirements is something we are proud of.

Damstra are the pioneers in online inductions and efficient workforce management. With an array of technological systems and dedication towards all clients, we are your number one choice. Contact us, today!

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