Mobile Software Solution Delivers Convenient Site Access Control

Not only does Damstra Technology provide the most comprehensive suite of workforce management software solutions – with their new mobile modules, they also provide the most convenient answer to secure site access.

As a leader in their field with their unique, web-based Total Workforce Management System (TWMS) – which has proven itself so valuable that their clientele has quickly expanded from the mining sector to include leading companies engaged in telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing and construction - Damstra Technology is never short of solutions to benefit clients.

However their latest solution will go a long way toward making life even easier for clients requiring a secure yet simple answer to site access, as CEO Christian Damstra explained, and is yet another example of Damstra Technology’s dedication to working with clients to develop needs-based products.

“We have an array of site access solutions, including login terminals and alcolizers, which we provide to clients for installation on their premises,” Christian said. “However, recently one particular client spoke to us about how they could implement our system without the effort and costs associated with installing it themselves.

“In response, we took a new steel sea container and basically did all the work for them, installing eight login terminals and eight alcolizers and fitting-out the module with LED lighting, battery backup and 4G communications.

“We transported it to site and all the client had to do was sit it on the ground, plug it in and it was ready to go; they’ve got 2,500 people on their project who can now walk in one end of the container to login and then walk out the other end.
“We’d been considering creating a mobile modular solution for clients for some time and this spurred us on to realise that concept; basically, it’s access control in a box.”

Having produced the first successful mobile module, Damstra Technology is now working on different modules which can be customised to meet the varying site access needs of clients and which can all be converted to run on solar power.

“At the moment we’re working on a module that has two terminals, two alcolizers and two turnstiles, for added security, so if a person fails to login they won’t be able to get into the site,” Christian explained.

“We’re also looking at doing half-size containers, to better meet client needs and site constraints – particularly for city sites where space is at a premium; so basically clients will be able to choose from large or small modules to accommodate varying numbers of login terminals, alcolizers and turnstiles.

“And we are considering modules with boom gates for vehicle access, where a driver would have to swipe in, and if not licensed to drive on site, the gate won’t open for them; pedestrian and vehicle modules could then easily be placed side-by-side to provide a complete site access solution.”

Whichever module a client requires, they are assured the mobile solution will perform with trusted Damstra efficiency.    
“The steel containers are strong, secure and weatherproof – ideal for challenging work site environments,” Christian said. “And all the gear in them is our standard equipment, so it works in high temperatures, it works in cold weather, it’s very reliable, and all the alcolizers are fully calibrated daily and annually inspected by our service provider, so everything meets all requirements.”

Damstra’s workforce management solutions include Contractor Pre-Qualification, Online Inductions and Training, Skills and Competency Management, Asset Management and Equipment Tracking, Human Capital Management, Site and Access Control, Visitor Management, plus apps and other tools which enhance workforce visibility and control in the field.

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