Rail and Transport

Damstra has over 6 year’s experience in the Rail & Transport sectors and is currently operational on over 600 transport & rail sites across Australia and New Zealand

Damstra uses proprietary technology, developed specifically to address the most stringent safety and site security requirements faced by the Rail & Transport industry

All activities associated with workforce management are fully supported and tracked through Damstra’s system and network. Helping to ensure productivity is maximised, risk minimised and your workforce is protected over the life of the site.

Damstra currently manages on site:

  • Contractor Pre-Qualification
  • Insurance tracking
  • Online Induction Training Courses
  • Access Control
  • Time Data for Payroll
  • Fatigue management
  • Fully Automated Blood Alcohol Testing
  • Random Drug selection tool
  • Skills, & competency management
  • Leave application system
  • Electronic document control, all from your mobile device in the field
    • Risk Assessments
    • Incident reporting
    • Verification of competencies
  • Equipment & Tool tracking
  • Live emergency evacuation, Gate control and Audit tools live in the field through the Damstra App

The Damstra System is highly configurable and can be easily adapted to meet all individual site requirements and growth.