Fully Integrated Login Terminals

Collecting accurate employee labour data is the single-most important step in any labour management process. Without it, your organisation can’t even begin to effectively manage and monitor its labour resources.

To help meet this challenge, Damstra offers the latest technology in our Terminals, a high speed, network-centric terminal range that captures and manages labour data easily and effectively. The Login Terminals give the user a very easy-to-use interface with touch screen displays that are secure and ‘intelligent,’ while at the same time providing managers with the tools and functionality they need to manage their labour force.

The Login Terminal has been designed to offer many benefits, striking a balance between providing an easy-to-use interface for employees and more sophisticated manager-level functionality.

“Swipe and go” interaction:
Employees simply swipe their cards through the card reader, and the terminal determines what kind of punch it is. No more “in” and “out” punches are required.

The terminal also utilises visual and auditory feedback for calling attention to displayed messages, and this feedback confirms correct entries.  Additional features include display of Employee name, accrued leave time or other totals, and messaging.

The Login Terminal functions can accommodate large volumes of employees, shifts, current and future schedules, as well as transaction data. Specifically, the Login Terminal’s functions include:

  • Simple punch
  • Review punches
  • Display last punch
  • Time since last punch   
  • Labour / Job Codes/Purchase order numbers   
  • Display schedules
  • Display status
  • Workers Skills
  • Individual messaging