Contractor Management

Alleviate the perpetual headaches that unqualified and subpar contractors administer to your business and have them put through our contractor management training. Ensuring your contractors are compliant, plays a pivotal role in the overall integrity and vision of your company. Moving forward with solid foundations is a must and in today’s technologically advanced era and here at Damstra we strive to provide our clients with the utmost transparent and innovative contractor management services available. Our extensive experience in the field is what renders us the industry leaders in Contractor Management services and we have honed our techniques, systems and procedures to suit your needs and aspirations.


With many years in assisting corporate companies with their workplace management services Damstra’s TWMS for contractor management is compelled with the latest hardware and software solutions available. Our array of technical engineers and superior technologies grant us the ability to portray ourselves are the finest Contractor Management agency. Our additional services include contractor pre-qualification, online training and human capital management just to name a few. All operated and run through our TWMS, we take pride in administering exceptional workplace guidance and training to all clients. We ensure that our platforms are accessible and work on all devices, this maintains 24/7 contact with our clients and they get the most from our leading Contractor Management services.

As technology grows, so does Damstra Technology. We are built for innovation and administer leading Contractor Management services to corporate entities. For a deeper and more detailed insight, feel free to contact us directly or browse our online website to view more information about all our services.

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