Competency Management

How well do you know your next company? What are the expectations and goals they are seeking? Do you have what it takes to reach prosperity? With Damstra, we administer the utmost professional, confidential and leading competency management services that are devoted to your success and overall flourishment within a new company. Our easy to access platform and impeccable staff members are here to provide you with the necessary knowledge and competency management assistance you require to kick start your induction within a new company. We administer detailed reporting and analysis for each individual’s skills and overall ability to perform, as well as providing a complete workforce audit. This is what sets Damstra apart from alternative companies and ensures our competency management services are second to none.


  • State of the art technological training procedures for accurate Competency Management.
  • Impeccable workforce management platform with great insight.
  • Leading staff and accredited team members that will guide you.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis for each worker.
  • Professionalism guarantee and leading procedures for Competency Management.
  • Dynamic, real-time and adroit software solutions to suit your needs.
  • Accessibility though all devices and useable technology.
  • Easy to learn and friendly user-interface for all our online Competency Management services.
  • Focus on maintaining company culture, integrity and connectiveness.

Innovation is nothing without hard and focused work. Damstra Technology administer impeccable competency management services to clients that require assessments for individuals and contractors. This way, you are able to pinpoint flaws and extract the most from your workforce. If you are seeking a dedicated and hard-working competency management service that is stated at an affordable price, contact us, today!

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