The Damstra DNA

The Damstra DNA is our purpose, our future aspirations and what Team Damstra Technology stands for. We are making big steps towards making our people-centric technologies and services world class, and we thank you for coming on the journey with us, for your ideas and feedback on how we can do better.

Damstra Technology’s mission is to make workplaces safer and more efficient, providing essential insights and information to help our clients save lives at their places of work.

A proud Australian Company, our vision is to Track, Manage and Protect 1,000,000 people by the end of the year 2020; helping to keep them safe and alive at work. Underpinned by a genuine care for people, our values are core to how we engage with our clients and ourselves:

Always Safe

1. Always Safe

Trusted Partner

2. Trusted Partner

Team Players

3. Team Players

Focussed Agility

4. Focussed Agility

Can-do Attitudes

5. Can-do Attitudes